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    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    Tools to help you survive.

    Don't think you have what it takes even after the quiz and survival guide? Well using simulations and games has been a proven method of learning certain skills and retaining the knowledge learned for longer.

    Here are some great games/ simulations I use personally for fun and learning purposes. See what they can do for you.

    If that is not enough to get you prepared then perhaps you should try the how to on zombie apocalypse survival, the one, the only:

    Zombie Survival Guide

    Happy hunting...and good luck.

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    Will you survive based off the knowledge and weapons available to you?

    Find out now, take the test. If you score a 100%, then leave me your name and number, and I will swing by with my group of close friends, my carbine, some gas, food, smokes, in my S.U.V. and pick your ass up for some serious zombie killing action. :D

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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Where to go

    In a Class 1 or 2 infestation, your best bet is to stock up on some supplies and stay in your house, barricade the doors and windows, go upstairs if you have stairs. In a Class 3 infestation, finding somewhere stronger than your house may become necessary, somewhere like a warehouse.

    Finding somewhere with easily reinforced doors and few, if any, windows is the key to surviving in a Class 3 outbreak. You can also get lucky with warehouses, depending on what is kept inside of them. If the stuff inside is heavy and boxed up, you can use it to barricade the doors or even create a second line of defense inside the warehouse. A lot of warehouses have a security office as well, often with their own bathrooms which means easy water for you. While the security offices are nice, you shouldn't let yourself get complacent once inside, the zombies can break into the warehouse and corner you in the security office and they will if you don't maintain your vigilance.

    Finding the right warehouse can be tricky, as you must also consider the location of such a place. Too close to other buildings, and other survivors could cause a fire, forcing you to flee.

    "When choosing a refuge, consider these questions carefully:

    1. Is there a wall, fence or other physical perimeter?

    2. How many potential entrances/exits are there?

    3. Can the people in your party simultaneously defend each fence and exit?

    4. Is there a secondary defensive position, multiple floors, or an attic?

    5. Can the building be secured?

    6. Is there a potential escape route?

    7. What is the supply situation?

    8. Is there a water line?

    9. If needed, are weapons or tools available?

    10. Are materials available to reinforce the entrances?

    11. What about means of communication: phone, radio, Internet, etc.?

    12. Given all these factors, how long could you or your group survive an extended seige?

    Make sure to consider all these questions when choosing where to make your stand. Resist the urge to dash into the nearest building. Remember, no matter how desperate the situation seems, time spent thinking clearly is never wasted

    -The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks

    Choosing the right weapon

    Most people think bigger is better. Especially when it comes to guns and killing zombies. Well, unless they are posted up at some military base or on a tank of some kind they couldn't be more wrong.

    In a class 1 or 2 infestation, you just might get away with walking around with a hand cannon and a back pack full of ammo. Hell, you may even do some good before you get munched. But when it comes to a class 3 or 4, well you'd be better off throwing them at the zombies or dropping it on them from on high.

    I will discuss in greater detail exactly what weapons have been proven the best and most affective. When to pick portability over firepower. Picking the right ammo for the right kill. Lastly, choosing the right accessories to compliment your zombie killing spree. Stay tuned, it could mean the difference between surviving and munching your friends. :D

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    What is a zombie outbreak?

    As you may have figured, there are many different kinds of zombie outbreaks, depending on the amount of zombies, the type of terrain, etc. Here, I will try to help you understand the differences and what you can do to survive them all.

    "Class 1

    This is a low-level outbreak, usually in a Third World country of First World rural area. The number of Zombies in this class of outbreak ranges between one and twenty. Total human casualties (including those infected) range from one to fifty. The total duration, from the first case to the last (known), will range between twenty-four hours and fourteen days. The infested area will be small, no larger than a twenty mile radius. In many cases, natural boundaries will determine its limits. Response will be light, either exclusively civilian or with some additional help from local law enforcement. Media coverage will be light, if present at all. If media is present, look for common stories like homocides or "accidents", This is the most common type of outbreak and also the easiest to go unnoticed.

    Class 2

    Urban or densely populated rural areas are included in this level of outbreak. Total zombies will range between twenty and one hundred. Total human casualties may reach as high as several hundred. The duration of a Class 2 outbreak may last no longer than a Class 1 outbreak. In some cases, the larger number of zombies will spark a more immediate response. A rural, sparsely populated outbreak may extend to a hundred-mile radiu, while an urban outbreak may encompass only several blocks. Suppression will almost certainly be organized. Bands of civilians will be replaced by local, state, even federal law enforcement. Look for an additional, if low-level, military response, the National Guard in the United States or its equivalent abroad. Most often, so as to ease panic, these units will take a more noncombatant role, providing medical assistance, crowd control, and logistical support. Class 2 outbreaks almost always attract the press. Unless the attack occurs in a truly isolated area of the world, or one where media is strictly controlled, the story will be reported. This does not mean, however, that it will be reported accurately.

    Class 3

    A true crisis. Class 3 outbreaks, more than any other, demonstrate the clear threat posed by the living dead. Zombies will number in the thousands, encompassing an area of several hundred miles. The duration of the attack and a possible lengthy mop-up process could last as long as several months. There will be no chance for a press blackout or cover-up. Even without media attention, the sheer magnitude of the attack will leave too many eyewitnesses. This is a full blown battle, with law enforcement replaced by units of the regular military. A state of emergency will be declared for the infested zone, as well as neighboring areas. Expect martial law, restricted travel, rationed supplies, federalized services, and strictly monitored communication. All these measures, however, will take time to implement. The initial phase will be one of chaos as those in power come to grips with the crisis. Riots, looting, and widespread panic will add to their dificulties, further delaying an effective response. While this is happening, those living within the infested area will be at the mercy of the undead. Isolated, abandoned, and surrounded by ghouls, they will have only themselves to depend on.

    Class 4

    (Living in an undead world, Coming Soon)"

    -The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks

    Zombies, what are they?

    Zombie (Zom'be) n. also ZOM-BIES pl. 1. An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh. 2. A voodoo spell that raises the dead. 3. A Voodoo snake god. 4. One who moves or acts in a daze "like a zombie." [a word of West African origin]